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Dot Pin Marking Machines

EtchON Marks Control is a leading international provided of advanced EtchON Pneumatic Dot Pin Marker (DPM), for a range of applications, from engraving to industrial marking. EtchON Dot Pin Markers stand for quality, reliability, and innovation. EtchON offers best-in-class systems that deliver top performance, and custom solutions that can address every type of engraving and marking need. EtchON DPM is state-of-the-art equipment, designed to deliver quick, clean, quality results for a broad range of needs.

Basic Principal

The DOT PIN MARKER (DPM)...combined with computer, pneumatic or electric and precision machinery techniques. It is an industrial marking equipment which can mark on work piece (metal / non metal materials) permanently. Input the printing contents into the computer, then according to the software, the control system will control the indenter working under a certain trajectory on X-Y two-dimensional plane, at the same time, affected by the compressed air, the marking pin will do reciprocate motion under a frequency of 200 times per second, resulting in the work piece to print out the beautiful character and graphics. The Indenter dotting and line on a surface with High Frequency and mark logo, it could mark character, alphanumeric, date, numbers, series No., VIN Codes, graphics etc with speed of 2-3 characters per Second

Hardware Features

- Highly configurable, fully programmable dot marking machine for most demanding applications in industrial environment.
- Robust, Modular construction, Cast table and column construction with unique head design.
- Stepper motor driven X, Y and Z axis control.
- Plain, arc and Circumferences marking, serial numbers, date and time marking.
- The lead –screw driven marking head guarantees dot precision.
- Solid carbide Indenter options with different sizes available, supports Work Piece Hardness up to <HRC62.
- High Accuracy Stepper Motor with High Frequency original German/ Japanese Imported Solenoid Valve.
- High functionality windows based software "E tchON DPMCAD"
- Standard one serial ports, USB Ports and digital I/O to ensure interfacing of tooling and control /IT systems.
- Windows software interface options allows user to control the system through PC enhancing networking and data storage capability

- Requires compressed air with standard 240-volt electric source.


EtchON DPMCAD Software Features

- Supports Windows XP/ME/98/7 (32 Bit)
- Support multi-kind fonts

- Supports LINE as well as DOT marking
- Supports multi-language English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian
- Support linear, angular, radial, Inverted, mirror marking
- All the logo size could changeable
- Marking speed is changeable as required
- Supports Auto Increment serial number, 2D code, VIN code etc
- Support .PLT/.DXF format graph from AutoCAD, CorelDraw
- Support Serial Numbers and mass data marking one by one automatically

- Support Date code, Batch code, Static Data, Variable Data and Text Matter
- External database and .TXT file support for automatic marking
- Marking content could be saved automatically and destroyed due to the electric break



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